A description of how the year 1999 took the great athletes from different sports

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You'll have the same professional-quality that you'd find in a professional workout center or dojo, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

With puzzle mats, BJJ becomes simple and easy, as well as more convenient! Made to Enhance Your Grappling! Strong and highly durable, yet flexible enough to provide cushion, you can find these jiu jitsu mats for home in professional MMA studios nationwide.

MMA, wrestling, jiu jitsu, and other combat sports all need workout surfaces equipped with a number of features. Since athletes spend lots of time rolling and kneeling, the grappling mats must be soft, but must also be designed so that they don't cause burns and scrapes.

The mats must be soft and cushioning for athlete safety, yet firm enough to provide traction and grip.

A description of how the year 1999 took the great athletes from different sports

And while the surface shouldn't cause burns, it also can't be too slick or slippery. Our grappling mats have been designed to meet those very specific needs of jiu jitsu, wrestling, and MMA training.

Home MMA grappling mats measure a full 39 mm thick, so they can give you the cushion needed for takedowns and throws. They're also rated to prevent head injuries in falls of up to 4 feet, prioritizing athlete safety and allowing you to train with confidence.

Home Grappling MMA Mats

The real advantage of these mats lies in their no-burn surface texture. This specially designed surface offers enough traction and grip for footwork, rolls, and ground maneuvers.

However, the durable tatami top texture reduces the chances of a scrape or rug-burn that can keep athletes out of competition and training.

These mats are an excellent choice for athletes who want to train hard without the risk of scrapes and burns that so often occur with grappling sports. In the event that blood or sweat comes into contact with the mats, it's no big concern.

The mats are non-absorbent and easy to sanitize. These mats are a 2x2-foot, interlocking puzzle tile designed specifically for the abuse that comes with MMA training and competition. Their smaller size makes them ideal for home practice and trainingand they can ship via ground delivery instead of freight, which will save you money and time.

They are made from a cushiony EVA foam material that provides superior support, allowing you to conduct a wide range of training moves, such as jumps, take-downs and rolls.

At over an inch and a half thick, they deliver plenty of support, creating safer, more enjoyable practices. These mats are also completely waterproof.

They will not absorb sweat or water, which helps them last much longer and creates a safer surface for your practice. With non-absorption, there is a reduced chance that mats can contain bacteria, creating a superior workout environment.

Professional-Level Quality for Your Home These BJJ mats deliver the same professional quality foam as our larger 1x1 meter MMA and grappling mats, but because they are smaller, they are easier to install in tight areas.

This makes the 2x2-foot mats ideal for home workout facilities in garages, basements or other limited size spaces.

Top Features for Home MMA BJJ Mats 5 Inch

Home BJJ mats are an excellent choice for ground grappling technique practice and full takedowns. They are designed specifically for the grappling arts: You can choose from two-color options: Each tile has a different color on the top and bottom, so they are not only functional, they can be styled to fit your preferences.

A description of how the year 1999 took the great athletes from different sports

With these double-sided and double-color matsyou can easily create a design for your home MMA practice and training space. For example, you can create a single color space with a border design, or you can create a striped or checkered pattern.

You can also use different-colored jiu jitsu mats to create separate sparring areas. With four different color options, there are many different ways to design your workout space. Easy to cut and install, these home MMA mats can be fit for a wall-to wall-installation with little more than a sharp utility knife.

To make things even more convenient, the jiu jitsu mats can be installed on any hard, flat surface. You can even lay them directly on concrete. Installation is Simple and Convenient To custom install, the only tools you will need is a utility knife or a box cutter. If you are installing in a finished, island-like layout, you will have all the border strips needed automatically delivered with your purchase and will likely need no tools at all.

When installing the BJJ mats in a wall-to-wall format, simply start by placing one tile in the corner of your room that shares the two longest walls. This corner tile should have border strips attached, with the border placed against the walls.

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Next, run tiles along both walls, with border strips between the square tile and the wall, filling in the center as you go. Cover the walls completely. Simply fill in the room with full tiles until you reach the edges where tiles need to be cut. If you are installing in the center of the room, start the layout in the center and install the mats that do not need border strips.Jemel Roberson was fatally shot by police in Kanye West's hometown, Chicago.

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Use Types. MMA Studios, Home Grappling Areas, BJJ Workouts. Home MMA & BJJ Mats Inch. Now, you can practice MMA, wrestling, jiu jitsu, judo and other grappling sports from the convenience of your house with Home MMA & grappling alphabetnyc.com'll have the same professional-quality that you'd find in a professional workout center or dojo, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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