Asean india aifta

India has signed the free trade agreement FTA in services and investments with the member Association of Southeast Asian Nations Aseantwo years after the discussions on the pact concluded. Advertising The move is expected to pave the way for freer movement of professionals and further open up opportunities for investments. The country had implemented the FTA in goods with Asean members inwhile it had concluded the negotiations for FTA in services and investments in

Asean india aifta

July 19, This week India is hosting the 19th round of negotiations for the Regional Economic Comprehensive Partnership RCEPa free trade agreement that will cover trade in goods Asean india aifta services, economic and technical cooperation, intellectual property rights, competition policy and boost investment for sixteen member countries in Asia.

As a result, they believe India should proceed with caution when negotiating duties concessions during the RCEP talks. These duty concessions signaled an implicit protection against the future engagement or the expansion of agricultural imports.

In other words, India essentially put nearly all agricultural items that might have been imported from ASEAN countries into categories that did not receive tariff reductions. Most duty concessions on selected agricultural products failed to have a significant impact since i most of these products were placed under the Exclusion and Sensitive lists and ii many of these imports, like natural rubber and dry pepper, already enjoyed duty free concessions for value added-exports.

Thus, it seems imports for selected agricultural products were already rising well before AIFTA implementation. In fact, because India has not opened up the agricultural sector for sensitive areas in the past, the competitive challenges arising from RCEP could be present.

But the agreement is likely to include flexibilities and staging categories that allow time for adjustment. This is especially important now when the country is undergoing a major agrarian crisis and farmers and landless agricultural labourers in several states are protesting and demanding that both prices and assistance bonds are increased.

India signs FTA in services, investments with Asean | Business News, The Indian Express

For instancevery high tariffs for products like tea or coffee which are supposed to protect local industries from import threats under FTAs, have not limited imports nor protected yield, auction prices and domestic employment.

On the other hand, back-to-back droughts in a monsoon dependent agriculture, a lack of credit and proper crop insurance, unsustainable rural technology and rudimentary infrastructure have all contributed to a highly unproductive and fragmented agricultural sector.

The struggles that farmers and landless rural workers face, like crop failure, high debts and poor earnings from lower produce prices, seem to be the result of mainly domestic inefficiencies and not trade liberalisation.

Similarly, the combined effect of strong national production priorities and imperfect policy adoption at the state levels have led to fragmented markets and distorted producer incentives.

As India tries to protect and develop its highly sensitive and relevant agricultural sector, it must first address its domestic inefficiencies.

Asean india aifta

Blaming FTAs that do not make significant concessions on a highly protective agricultural trade policy for some of the current and potential challenges that farmers face, takes away the responsibility from underdeveloped infrastructure and policy decisions. While India stands to face competitive challenges under RCEP and as resistance from civil society and some officials ramps up, a highly unproductive and underdeveloped agricultural sector and the precarious conditions under which many of the urban population lives, must remain a priority.ASEAN’S Free Trade Agreements ASEAN Secretariat.

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AIFTA (ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement)

ASEAN - Australia - NewZealand (AANZFTA). Whenever India is involved in any agreement of this sort, there are bound to be complications. A thumb rule to remember is that FTA in goods will be generally harmful to Indian interests and FTA in services will generally benefit us. of the ASEAN countries are exporting countries with.

5 The Parties shall be given the flexibility to adopt the method of calculating the AIFTA Content, whether it is the direct or indirect method.


In order to promote transparency, consistency and certainty, each Party shall adhere to one method. The ratification of the ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement (AIFTA) in signals a potential for increased trade flows between ASEAN and India.

Asean india aifta

Previous studies have focussed mainly on the welfare impact of the agreement and its impact. Introduction. The Tariff Finder is designed to support traders to maximize benefits from ASEAN’s free trade agreements (FTAs). This is a tool to help businesses, especially Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) to get the up-to-date information on the preferential tariffs applied by ASEAN Member States under ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA) or by ASEAN Member States and .

ASEAN-India complete 25 years of partnership