Business writing skills training objectives for a behavioral course

Learning Objectives tend to describe specific, discrete units of knowledge and skill can be accomplished within a short timeframe Given a paragraph of ten sentences, the student will be able to identify ten rules of grammar that are used in its construction. Generally, these learning outcomes connected to the overall goals of the curriculum for a given discipline. Clarifying these larger ideas and making connections to the curriculum helps students see the purpose and relevance of the course content.

Business writing skills training objectives for a behavioral course

Terminal Objectives and Enabling Objectives Terminal Objectives A Terminal or Performance Objective is a statement in specific and measurable terms that describes what the learner will be able to do as a result of engaging in a learning activity.

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A Terminal Objective should be created for each of the tasks addressed in the learning program. The objective should be focused at the highest level of learning an individual will accomplish by competing the learning event. States what the participant will be doing and how he or she will demonstrate the knowledge, skill, or behavior.

Specifies under what conditions the participants should perform the task. Defines what level the participant must perform the task at. Terminal Objectives describe results and not processes.

business writing skills training objectives for a behavioral course

The objective should be written from the perspective of what the learner will be able to do at the end of the session, and not what the instructor will teach. After the terminal objective is created, it should be analyzed to determine if it needs one or more Enabling Objectives.

They are created by analyzing Terminal Objective.

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They allow the Terminal Objective to be broken down into smaller, more manageable objectives. They will define the skills, knowledge, or behaviors the learner must reach in order to successfully complete the Terminal Objectives.


The Enabling Objectives should outline a sequence of learning activities for the instruction phase of the lesson plan. They essentially outline the steps necessary for a learner to acquire new skills and knowledge leading to the performance level stated in the Terminal Objective.

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They should cover all of the skills the learner needs to master to meet the Terminal Objective. Similar to the Terminal Objective, the Enabling Objective is written from the perspective of the learner and what he or she must do to accomplish the Terminal Objective.The communications skills covered in this course will increase your ability to exercise choice and control for every type of conversation, influence with out authority and .

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