Effects of cte in nfl players essay

The disease is widely believed to stem from repetitive trauma to the head, and can lead to conditions such as memory loss, depression and dementia. But the figures come with several important caveats, as testing for the disease can be an imperfect process. Brain scans have been used to identify signs of CTE in living playersbut the disease can only be definitively identified posthumously.

Effects of cte in nfl players essay

Inga Koertethe corresponding author on this article, attended the workshop. The segment shines light on Dr. Martha Shenton recently spoke at a seminar for the National Center for Image Guided Therapy, addressing current topics in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and concussion research, and providing an overview of recent neuroimaging and histopathological findings.

A study conducted by Dr. Martha Shenton discuss the study, which found white matter alterations in the brains of professional soccer players, in this Independent News Article. The PNL has been instrumental in developing and employing the imaging tools discussed in this article.

A list of published research articles related to the INTRuST project is also included in the article for further exploration.

Effects of cte in nfl players essay

This superior understanding will minimize the controversy surrounding the NFL pulling its expected funding from the study. This research effort is part of the Human Connectome Project. Breier is a multiple PI on this project, and Drs. In light of the new Diagnose CTE study beginning, Boston University published an in depth article on the study, celebrating its purpose and its collaborative effort with multiple study sites and four Principal Investigators.

Fox demonstrates the importance of this research by explaining his personal battle with ongoing CTE-like symptoms. The four principal investigators PI on this grant met at Boston University School of Medicine along with site investigators and staff from around the country. The Principal Investigators are: Robert SternPh.

CummingsReimanand Shenton were also mentioned in this important new study aimed at detecting CTE in living former NFL players and former college football players. Inga Koerte lends support in the article to the widely held view that the study is greatly flawed, discussing the disparity between its MRI findings and the conclusions ultimately drawn from them.

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German Science Magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft: How Dangerous are Headers for the Brain? The popular science magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft interviewed Dr. Inga Koerte for an article which examines how heading the ball in soccer may lead to sports-related brain trauma.

Inga Koerte February Martha Shenton January This grant was initially expected to be funded by the National Football League.

Boston University Public Relations discusses the new grant awarded to four Principal Investigators, one of whom is Dr. Martha Shentonthat will fund a new seven- year, multi- center study focused on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy diagnosis and risk factor identification.

Martha Shenton is one of four Principal Investigators on this new grant, which was awarded to help find potential clinical diagnostic biomarkers for CTE, a currently understudied disorder.

This award is the highest award given by the GMDS.

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Klaus Herman Maier-Hein was lead author on the research that led to this award. Julie Stammmembers of the PNL, and collaborators. The article describes how former NFL players who started playing football before the age of 12 had a higher risk for developing alterations in a critical white matter tract.

Inga KoerteMartha Shentonand Robert Stern are quoted, discussing the implications of this research. Former PNL research assistant Dr.

Martha Shenton is quoted, offering her opinion on the reality of repetitive head injuries and their relationship to brain pathology.

Shenton, Whitford, and Kubicki as 1 of 20 articles published October Young Investigator Award September Stern discusses the link between repetitive head impacts in athletes and neurodegenerative disease development, and highlights the need for continued research.

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Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and alphabetnyc.com The condition, known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, was the first hard evidence that playing football could cause permanent brain damage.

Players with CTE have battled depression. Feb 02,  · That started to change in late when, for the first time, the N.F.L. publicly acknowledged that concussions can have long-term alphabetnyc.com , a . CTE has been diagnosed in several notable cases which received widespread media attention, including the suicide deaths of NFL player Junior Seau, and professional wrestler Chris Benoit who committed suicide after murdering his wife and son.

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