Essay on why do i want to become a teacher

May Adults lie constantly to kids. I'm not saying we should stop, but I think we should at least examine which lies we tell and why. There may also be a benefit to us.

Essay on why do i want to become a teacher

But remembering why you got into this gig in the first place will help you stay focused when those challenging days come around, and take pride in your successes. Marlene Wolfe, Tennessee Tech University "I believe that education is the foundation of success and is a lifelong learning process.

As an educator, I want to make a difference in education.


All children should have the opportunity to receive the best education available to them no matter their social economic status or race. By providing a firm education, we pave the road toward future growth and development. I want to remind the education world that teaching is a passion, not a paycheck.

I enjoy being a part of the learning experience, and to help students understand that with knowledge comes power. As an educator it is my responsibility to lift them up when they are down. I believe the purpose of education is to help students prepare for the real world by helping them become independent citizens and by providing them with knowledge needed for future careers.

The only role that my students have is to come to school prepared and ready to learn. I have a passion for learning as well as sharing my knowledge with others. I love working with youth and seeing the difference I can make in their lives.

I get chills just thinking of the lifetime benefits—I teach, I touch the future I want to know by the time they leave my classroom they have gained something that will stay with them forever. I want to know that I have made a difference to a child.To the outside world teaching seems like such a essay job, and they think that's exactly why all us future teachers are majoring in education.

However they may not realize that we want to be a teacher for many more meaningful reasons. In an essay about why one wants to become a teacher, one should write about their love of helping others learn. The urge to become a teacher is often backed by many noble feelings like commitment to the future, interest in community, love of knowledge, and concern for children.

NEA - Why I Want to Be an Educator

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Essay on why do i want to become a teacher

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Why I Want to Become a Teacher Essay - Doctors, lawyers, politicians, and engineers. How did they all get to where they are today. No matter the position someone may hold in society everyone has progressed to where they are in life because they had a teacher, .

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NEA - Why I Want to Be an Educator