Investment and criteria

We also require a Margin of Safety Margin of Safety With respect to fixed income investments, a margin of safety exists when the additional yield offers, in BBH's view, compensation for the potential credit, liquidity and inherent price volatility of that type of security and it is therefore more likely to outperform an equivalent maturity credit risk-free instrument over a year horizon. See more definitions when purchasing credits.

Investment and criteria


For more information, click here. What Angels Look For in a Company: Sector We prefer to invest in what we know and understand.

Therefore, York Angel members typically gravitate to companies in sectors that mirror our area of expertise including but not limited to Information technology, telecommunications, internet, enterprise software, SaaS applications and retail.

Growth Stage When we invest in early stage companies most often they are post revenue with products that are completed or at least are post first implementation development. The company has not likely undertaken a capital raise beyond this insider group. Management Team The Management team is an important component in the due diligence process.

Investment and criteria

The Angels seek management teams who have a proven and well regarded track record are preferred. The entrepreneurs should have a well-developed business plan including realistic pro forma financials and can articulate its cash requirements in the context of this plan through to cash positive.

Intellectual Property Proprietary technologies where applicable should be protected and the entrepreneur should have a commitment to continuing this pursuit. Valuation and Exit Founders should have a reasonable basis for valuation and a sense of the range of possibilities as to how much of the business they wish to share with new investors.

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The Angels will seek a strategic and articulated exit strategy for founders and new investors.Investment Criteria. Overview. Locations. 86 Investments Across the United States.

Midwest West South Northeast. 44 Investments.

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Illinois: 9 Investments Indiana: 3 Investments Iowa: 1 Investment Michigan: 4 Investments Minnesota: 2 Investment Missouri: 1 Investment Nebraska: 2 Investments.

The best way to tell you about RLH is through those who’ve partnered with us. Explore the stories from some of our portfolio companies. Each one is as unique as the entrepreneur behind it and the customized assistance we offered.

Where to Find Real Estate Investments. When you have your criteria set, it's time to start looking for your investment property. No doubt you've seen "For Sale" signs in front of homes, but there are many other ways to find investment properties. BREAKING DOWN 'Socially Responsible Investment - SRI' "Socially conscious" investing is growing into a widely-followed practice, as there are dozens of new funds and pooled investment vehicles.

Entrepreneurs Investment Criteria Our Process Resources Investment Focus RTP Capital is an angel network focused on seed and early stage investment opportunities. Our investment focus is relatively broad and is driven by the preferences of our individual members. Regardless of the [ ].

– While evaluating investment opportunities, we factor risk into the analysis by increasing the discount rate while calculating the present value of cash flows.

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