Leadership performance of linda ham analysis

After all, foam debris had fallen from the tank and struck the orbiter during every one of the shuttle's previous launches. It was a known risk. She and other senior managers denied the photo request. The MMT met five times throughout the day flight - there was a long-ignored requirement that it meet every day - and quickly dismissed the foam issue after a flawed engineering analysis concluded that the debris strike posed no threat.

Leadership performance of linda ham analysis

Ego defense mechanisms e. Conscience and scruples f. Psychological drives, needs, motives discriminate to degree possible among drive for power, for achievement, for affiliation g.

Motivation for seeking leadership role to wield power, to occupy seat of power, to achieve place in history 5.

Identify key relationships and characterize nature of relationships i. Inner circle, including unofficial advisors "kitchen cabinet" ii. Political allies, domestic and international v. Political rivalries, international adversaries Part III.

Core beliefs include concept of leadership, power 3. Political philosophy, ideology, goals, and policy views domestic, foreign, and economic policy views and view of U. Note that not all leaders have a core political philosophy or body of governing political ideas.

Nationalism and identification with country Part IV. How subject defines his or her role b. Relationship with public c.

Oratorical skill and rhetoric 2. Strategy and tactics- goal-directed behavior 3. Decision making and decision implementation style a.

Strategic decision making b. Crisis decision making c. Does the leader vet decisions or use them only for information? Does the leader surround himself or herself with sycophants or choose strong self-confident subordinates?

Dealing with formal and informal negotiating style Part V. Note particularly political behavior closely related to personality issues. Relate personality to key issues, emphasizing in which direction the psychological factors point.

Estimate drives, values, and characteristics that are the most influential. Attempt to predict how the individual will interact with other political figures, including opposition leaders and other key foreign leaders [2] Academic analysis[ edit ] In contrast to applied analysts, academic analysts generally come from the fields of social psychology and political science and take a quantitative methodology when conducting analysis, usually consisting in part of trait theory openness, contentiousness, extroversion, etc.

In addition, quantitative measures such as verbal styles, grammatical choices, and scales for achievement, affiliation, and power provide room for analysis. Verbal categories[ edit ] Sources that are analyzed for verbal styles are general public data that has been cross-checked, legitimized, and filtered for representation of the individual as much as possible.

Verbal style is preferred to be off the cuff, both to ensure lack of third party input and to put the individual in what is deemed a stressful situation. These scores can tell about the traits of the individual.

Other traits include an angry disposition, evidenced by high negatives, rhetorical questions, and direct references. Impulsive speakers use negatives more than any other group, controlling speakers use low qualifiers, steer the conversation, and use very few feelings.The Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster.

Although the incident was discovered two days after the launch during a routine post-launch photo analysis, managers at NASA deemed it “absolutely no concern for entry But he was struck down by Shuttle manager Linda Ham.

Senior managers at Johnson space center had declined the need for such.

Leadership performance of linda ham analysis

Leadership analysis is the art of breaking down a leader into basic psychological components for study and use by academics and practitioners. Good leadership analyses are not reductionist, but rather take into consideration the overall person in the context of the times, society, and culture from which they come.

LEADERSHIP IN PRACTICE MPA Introduction: For this paper, I have chosen to analyze the leadership performance of Linda Ham, Chair of Mission Management Team, and Daniel S.

Goldin, NASA Administrator, – Recommendations that are immediately useful and which are written at about a 9th or 10th grade reading level (the exact level depends on the content generated by the particular analysis) make the report universally appealing to anyone who takes leadership responsibilities seriously.

CIA Leadership Analysts support policymakers by producing and delivering written and oral assessments of foreign leaders and key decision-makers. Your analysis will help US policymakers understand their foreign counterparts by examining worldviews, national ambitions and constraints, and the social context for these leaders.

Leadership . Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership Columbia's Last Mission. 1 Plus they have analysis that says they have a single mission safe re-entry in case of impact that penetrates limits performance or discrepancies that have been previously experienced may be considered as in-.

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