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Wait Chapel Wake Forest University The Leadership Project is designed to engage members of the Wake Forest community with inspiring stories from leaders who represent a variety of professional paths, span a range of age groups and embrace diverse worldview. An admired leader among his teammates and competitors, Paul was elected and has served as president of the National Basketball Players Association since August He played for the Los Angeles Clippers for six years and will spend the season as a Houston Rocket.

Leadership project

Leadership project

With Trump falling behind in the majority of swing states, an overwhelming polling error may represent his best hope to win next month — and even that may not be enough.

Early voting not encouraging for Trump According to Politico, the early voting trends are not likely to be providing much comfort to the campaign of Donald Trump: Mail in and absentee ballots narrow the gap slightly.

Polling and early voting returns suggest Democrats are maintaining an edge in North Carolina, and they are also slicing into a thinner-than-expected early vote lead for Republicans in Florida, who now lead by about half a percentage point; inthe GOP held a much more significant edge two weeks from Election Day.

Women in Florida are casting early ballots in far greater numbers than four years ago, and Hispanic turnout is surging as well, according to data released by the Clinton campaign.

Polls suggest that both constituencies are strongly Democratic this year. In Colorado — where Democrats hold a voter registration edge for the first time — early returns give the party a 23,vote lead in returned and in-person ballots.

In Arizona, which last went Democratic inDemocrats held a thin early-vote lead on Monday. Utah ripe for McMullin? Utah has long been a reliable Republican state in the electoral college, but that may change inaccording to Bloomberg Politics: Path to victory narrows for Trump Winning the presidency ultimately boils down to patching together enough states to win or more electoral votes.

According to an analysis by Politico, that task is almost entirely out of reach for Donald Trump at this point: If the Democratic nominee won those six states, plus all the other reliably Democratic states President Barack Obama captured in both andshe would eclipse the electoral-vote threshold and win the presidency.

Leadership project

Even if Trump ran the table in the remaining battleground states — Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio — he would fall short of the White House if he cannot flip another state where Clinton currently leads in the polls. Can Clinton keep her head down? Over the next week, she plans to travel to major battlegrounds where Trump was leading just a few short weeks ago; she will be in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Florida in the next week.

Has Trump hit his ceiling? With three weeks and one day until election day though with early voting, that term seems less and less relevantpoll analysis posted at The Washington Post suggests that Donald Trump may not be able to add to his already lackluster numbers: He trails by just 4 points, 50 percent to 46 percent, among likely voters nationwide.

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That happens to be the same size as the margin of error. With the help of our in-house pollster Scott Clement, I studied the 14 percent of registered voters who support neither Clinton nor Trump in the four-way poll test. This includes the 6 percent for Gary Johnson and the 3 percent for Jill Stein but also the 3 percent who volunteered to our callers that they are supporting none of the four and the 2 percent who said they have not decided yet.The Leadership Now Project is a membership organization of business professionals concerned about the future of our democracy.

Traditional models of giving to causes, candidates, and parties are insufficient for the challenges we face. The Leadership Project is an initiative to explore the stories and insights of the people who lead great places to work.

To provide an engaging, entertaining and educational insight into these leaders, provide real world stories, experience and advice that can be distilled to actionable strategies. Because successfully realizing contemporary projects involves much complexity and uncertainty, researchers and practitioners are increasingly investigating the qualities distinguishing effective proj.

In fact, project leadership requires skills in both management and leadership. It is a soft skill; part art, part science. Leadership is a topic everyone is obsessed about and, as this New Yorker article notes, a major growth industry.

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In Review: How to Be a Great Leader. Qualities that define great leadership may be up for debate, Jennifer noted, but her experience in the field of project management has made her uniquely qualified to address those behaviors as they apply to being a project manager.

“I have become a lot more aware of the impact my words have. I have an increased understanding of my impact and how I can change it. I have learned to accept the differences of group members.

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