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Living will

The legal and emotional battles the family of patient Terry Schiavo endured over her end-of-life decisions and removing her life support systems made national headlines.

Living will

If you know how to make a living will, you can save your loved ones such expense and trauma. Living wills may be easily prepared without an attorney. A living will sample may also be followed for guidance. What is a Probate Estate? Originally, an advance directive form was only used to express your wishes regarding healthcare decisions when you are permanently unconscious or have a terminal illness.

Later, what are sometimes referred to as second generation advance directives or third generation advance directives, were developed to allow a person to appoint another in advance to act as their healthcare agent when he or she is incapacitated. It is intended to Living will instructions for others to make medical care decisions for you when you are no longer able to make medical decisions for yourself.

A healthcare agent, sometimes called a health care proxy, patient advocate, surrogate, or health care representative, may also be appointed in advance to make medical care decisions when you are not able to make decisions and healthcare choices for yourself.

How to Make a Living Will A Living will will form may be provided to your physician and other healthcare providers, allowing them to follow your wishes for medical care. The form states whether you wish your life to be artificially prolonged if you are a patient with a catastrophic illness or accident.

The form must comply with the laws of your state, since the laws vary by state.

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The form for living will provided on this site will indicate which is required. When living wills are combined with the appointment of a healthcare agent, they are often referred to as advance directives for medical care. If the advance healthcare directive provides for the appointment of an agent to make care and treatment decisions, the agent should not also serve as a witness.

Many forms also allow you to appoint a successor health care proxy in case the first health care agent is no longer able to serve.

The representative should be someone who understands and shares your values and lives in your area. Living wills may also be used to express your wishes for organ donations and final arrangements.

You may use an example of a living will form for your state, or you may download a statutory living will form that copies statutory language in state statutes.

Both types of living will forms are equally valid, since the forms and living will samples offered by USLegal are state-specific and all of our advance medical directive forms are regularly updated to comply with state law.

Be aware that many sites offering a living will sample offer the same advance directive form for all states, whether you need a California living will, Florida living will, or Texas living will, etc.

An advance directive form may be freely revoked while you are still competent and not incapacitated. A copy of your advance medical directive form should be provided to any healthcare agent you appoint, your doctor and other healthcare providers, and any close friends and relatives whose cooperation may be needed.

Some states also have a living will registry for living wills and other advance health care directives. Medical Treatment Options for You to Decide Upon When you make an advance directive for healthcare or form for living will, you will need to make medical care decisions in advance.

The following are some of the medical treatment options and healthcare decisions you should consider if you were to become hospitalized in a persistent vegetative state: Artificial ventilation is a procedure for providing oxygen to you through mechanical means when you are unable to breathe on your own.

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Artificial nutrition and hydration provides fluid and nutrition through intravenous means or a tube when the patient is unable to be fed. Dialysis cleans your blood and maintains proper fluid levels when your kidneys fail.

Living will

Pain medication can ease discomfort for a patient but may affect awareness of surroundings. Other Advance Directives Some other forms individuals may use to give advance instructions to make healthcare decisions on their behalf and state medical treatment preferences include: Mental Health Care Directive - the patient may state treatment preferences for mental healthcare, such as consent to psychoactive medication, electroshock therapy, restraint, isolation, or medication in this advance directive.

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Conclusion You can save your loved ones much additional trauma in an already difficult situation by creating advance directives for medical decisions or a living will.

By taking the time to complete a form for a living will, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes for medical treatment and life-prolonging procedures will be followed and that those closest to you will be spared from having to make difficult medical care decisions.

What duties does my healthcare surrogate have? The health care representative you choose will act for you in regard to medical decisions when you are incapacitated and unable to make decisions or unable to speak for yourself, such as when you are permanently unconscious or in a vegetative state.Media resources from Charles Swindoll's Bible-teaching ministry, Insight for Living, including books, articles, sermons, videos, podcasts, blogs, CDs, and more.

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Living will definition is - a document in which the signer requests to be allowed to die rather than be kept alive by artificial means if disabled beyond a reasonable expectation of recovery.

a document in which the signer requests to be allowed to die rather than be kept alive by artificial means if disabled beyond a reasonable. Living will definition: A living will, commonly referred to as an advance directive, is a document that provides instructions regarding end-of-life care.

Living wills allow you to make your own choices about life support and helps prevent confusion about the type of care you do or do not want in the event you become incapable of communicating.

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