Master thesis structured products investments

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Master thesis structured products investments

The paper is structured as follows: Chapter three provides an overview about Emerging Markets EM and points out some special characteristics. In the fourth chapter the theoretical framework is applied to the reality of Private Equity Investment in Emerging Markets. Chapter five provides a critical analysis of Emerging Markets Private Equity and points out benefits for developing countries.

The sixth and last chapter contains a brief conclusion and outlines potential future prospects. While in the U. A detailed clarification is provided in chapter 2.

In this paper the EVCA definition is applied.

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Private Equity is used as a general term which includes Venture Capital as a subset. Private Equity is the opposite of public equity, i.

PE is the bridge between internal financing and capital market activity and offers highly structured financial contracts to companies which are informationally opaque.

They use techniques like screening, contracting and monitoring to assess the quality of the companies they invest in, in order to reduce information asymmetries. PE firms not only provide money but also advice regarding risk management, marketing, strategy and networking. This generally also involves a more personal relationship between the PE managers and the entrepreneur of the financed company.

master thesis structured products investments

The limited partner is typically an institutional investor such as a pension fund, insurance company or bank.

The general partner is a professional PE fund manager who earns a fixed fee plus a carried interest. These limited partnerships have finite live spans and typically last for ten years.

Venture Capital firms mainly finance new companies and focus on the first phase of the life cycle. VC investments typically have a shorter life span than PE investments. Within less than 20 years these companies had become world leaders.

In contrast, Private Equity investments also include buyouts and a take-over of a majority stake in the company see chapter 2.

Seed financing and start-up financing are more precise terms for different types of VC early-stage funding. This also allows more control over the management as further financing depends on the fulfilment of contracts. The major difference between PE or VC and angel financing is the more informal approach of angel investors.

It is their intention to make a value-added contribution and spread the knowledge which they acquired during their professional career.

master thesis structured products investments

When a portfolio company moves past the early stage, the need for expansion makes later-stage financing necessary. This type of investment is on the border of Venture Capital and Private Equity. Besides the mere provision of funds as an equity stakeholder of a not publicly listed company buyouts play an important role in the PE industry.

A MBI basically describes the same issue, but in this case an external management team buys the company from the vendor and replaces the current management team.

In both cases the PE firm takes a majority stake in the company. The debt is collateralised with the assets of the acquired company.

The return is usually realized within three to five years. Companies in an early stage of growth or recovering after financial distress are unlikely to pay dividends to their equity investors.

The timing and the decision how to perform the exit is critical. Other, less favoured and common types of exits are buybacks the entrepreneur repurchases the equity stake from the PE firm and write-offs or liquidation the PE firm walks away from the investment with little or no return.

An IPO describes the public listing of a company on the stock exchange.HEDGE FUND STRUCTURED PRODUCTS INTRODUCTION In the aftermath of the bear market and one of the most volatile periods in recent financial history, individual and institutional investors worldwide are reevaluating their asset.

· Relevant coursework: Portfolio Management, Mathematics of Financial Markets, Options, Fixed Income, Equities, Hedge Funds, Structured Products Master Thesis: "The Impact of Size and Size Variation on the Performance and Risk of Hedge Funds"Title: Equity Synthetics Trading Analyst .


MLCDs and MLNs are structured investments designed and approved for retail clients’ distribution. These products are sold in the US through Broker Dealers that are in contact with our sales teams. My early main focus was setting up a framework for valuation models of structured products, using Excel with the Numerix add-in.

I was the supervisor for a KTH student who currently wrote her Masters thesis project in Financial Mathematics and finished spring Title: CEO at Fair Investments Sweden . Valuation of Structured Investment Products An Empirical Study of Worst-of Barrier Reverse Convertibles in Switzerland Master’s Thesis in Finance.

product lines and/or know-how or to carrying out special projects. In addition, many Considering that overseas assignments are a large investment for companies, both the This paper will be structured as follows.

The terms expatriate, repatriate and international.

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