Mba precision tool company case 22

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Mba precision tool company case 22

After reading responses you end up more co The primary difference is in the timing, that is, when you can start the program.

Mba precision tool company case 22

Masters in management can be targeted by students who have just completed their graduation and are looking at continuing their education in the management area.

The regular 2 year MBA programs in India have traditionally targeted the same age and qualification demographic pool. For them the Masters in management degree can be a good option to pursue.

Financing a Masters program is relatively easier than a top MBA course. Read List of MiM Scholarships MBA programs abroad, in contrast, expect students to have some professional experience before they are eligible to apply.

Primary reasons for taking up a Masters option would include a change of geography Bye bye India, hello USAa better appreciation of management topics with zero experience, it can be tough to understand and relate to the nuances and an edge in the race to bag competitive fresher roles in various industries you only have an undergrad degree?

Masters in Management grads will not compete for the same roles as MBAs, mainly due to the experience levels.

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At some point in time, MiM grads might contemplate taking up an MBA degree for all the wonderful reasons that we are all aware of — promotion, career change, working in a different country, a bigger debt etc. Of course, colleges that figure high on the Masters in Management rankings rake in bigger salaries than the other lower ranked universities.

However, the average salaries for Masters in Management students are generally lesser than the international MBA compensation packages. Read about average MBA Salaries and what they mean.


The main reason being top MBA graduates bring in more experience and can shoulder bigger and tougher responsibilities.

In contrast, MiM students would need to go through the learning curve for a longer duration. Usually your background and your post-graduate plans would make the choice pretty clear.

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