Social security law myanmar

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Social security law myanmar

Human rights impact assessment in Myanmar: In its final report issued in Septemberthe FFM found that Facebook was an introduction to the internet for mostly first-time internet users in Myanmar. The FFM report referred to significant problems in curbing hate speech Social security law myanmar Facebook, including the lack of awareness of community standards, technical issues such as incompatibility of local language fontsas well as insufficient content moderators.

In the section dedicated to Facebook and social media in Myanmar, the FFM report went into detail regarding the type of posts circulated demonizing the Rohingya.

The FFM found that Facebook was used as an effective platform to disseminate hate speech, which in the commission of atrocities such as crimes against humanity could amount to persecution in itself. In addition, the FFM report commented on the slowness of Facebook in responding to complaints regarding threats towards human rights defenders seen as collaborating with the FFM.

Belatedly, upon the release of the preliminary FFM report in August, Facebook banned individuals and organizations from the platform, including the Myanmar army chief.

Social security law myanmar

The FFM also requested the provision of country specific data regarding hate speech by Facebook, which has not been forthcoming. However, Facebook has preserved data and content from pages, which may be used by the independent mechanism recently approved by the Human Rights Council.

Too little, too late? A few thoughts on the report, based on the overall method, focus and tone.

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Perhaps predictably, the report does not address the atrocities in Myanmar past and ongoing by all accounts and its role, other than in a cursory manner. The emphasis, despite the purported objective of the report, is to look to the future.

While clearly important to address the subsequent policies and plans of the company, given that the commission of mass atrocities have led to enhanced scrutiny, it is troubling that the past actions have not been the subject of a thorough assessment.

The report also does not address the criticisms levelled by the FFM report. Another question worth exploring more relates to the different standard of care of Facebook towards its users in Asia, as compared to the U. While not denying the role of the state, this point is disingenuous — the primary responsibility of states does not absolve other actors including corporations of legal responsibility.

Currently, the drafting of a treaty on business and human rights is continuing apace. The report maps out regulatory weaknesses and recommends policy, legal and regulatory reform, in Myanmar as well as at the regional level focusing on ASEAN.

However, in the region, the status of internet freedoms is under significant threatwith telecom and internet security laws used to violate civil liberties. Further, while undoubtedly Facebook has relevant expertise, the prospect of it being an honest broker in these discussions, given its substantial interests, is unfortunately suspect.

While premature, it is worth noting that international legal accountability of individuals in corporations implicated in mass atrocities is not new. In the closest comparison, executives of RTLM — a radio company which disseminated hate speech in the run up to and during the genocide in Rwanda — were prosecuted and convicted at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda for crimes including incitement to commit genocide.

Prosecutions at Nuremberg included executives of companies that manufactured Zyklon-B poison gas used in the gas chambers.Myanmar has also recently introduced the Social Security Law The rate of contribution and maximum contribution as outlined above is expected to increase upon the introduction of new rules and regulations under the Social Security Law Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Kyidaunggan, Mandalay, Burma.

K likes. The Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security is a Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Myanmar Law & Governance.

Business Consultant/5(26). DOING BUSINESS IN MYANMAR HR GUIDE. CONTENTS 1. MYANMAR: AN OVERVIEW • THE SOCIAL SECURITY LAW (DRAFT) Summary of the changes the law brings, detailed under each scheme below: – SOCIAL SECURITY FUND Details the funds . The Social Security Law () was enforced on 1 April by Notification 15/ of the President’s Office, which revoked the old Social Security Act ().

Under the new Social Security Law, both employees and employers are required to contribute to the social security fund at rates set by the Ministry of Labor through notification. Rights for Domestic Workers Coinciding with the World Day for Social Justice on 20 February, the Employment and Social Protection Task Team, led by ILO, launched joint advocacy and communication on the theme of Rights for Domestic Workers in February The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security had already announced the minimum wage on 20 th August with notification no.

2/ of the National Committee for Minimum Wage fixing, in accord with the Minimum Wage Law of

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