Study of infosys organisation restructuring commerce essay

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Study of infosys organisation restructuring commerce essay

Infosys operates in a number of business ventures ranging from banking to retail, and its services tend to encompass end-to-end IT solutions.

As early as the company established strong brand equity and began looking at ways to combine its excellent reputation by launching a consulting unit. Acquiring existing companies and establishing a new business model did not prove to be a viable option so Infosys abandoned the idea to later create its own brand — a wholly owned US based subsidiary called Infosys Consulting ICI which was founded in April ICI provides end-to-end business solutions with the aim of leveraging technology.

At inception, the firm had more than consulting engagements and by had it had over employees. In its second year of existence, within the third quarter, ICI met both its planned revenue target and its targeted contributions to Infosys Technologies. We will write a custom essay sample on Infosys Consulting in Order now More Essay Examples on The company provides consulting and IT services to clients globally, and is driven to compete with consulting firms such as IBM and Accenture.

Infosys Technologies refused to be left behind; therefore the company started expanding its foot print in infrastructure management, system integration, test package implementation and business process outsourcing BPO.

Infosys Technologies saw an opportunity that would enhance its IT business by entering client relationship lifecycle early. The consulting unit Infosys Consulting was constrained because of limited brand equity, investment allocation and recruiting capabilities. At the time of its inception there were 5 key executives who were responsible for getting the operation off the ground.

The key people were as follows: Infosys Consulting is small compared to heavy hitter like IBM and Accenture which had already captured a nice portion of the IT consulting market. The company provides consulting and IT services to clients globally, and is driven to compete with consulting firms such as IBM and Accenture.

IBM and Accenture are considered as the best in the business and information technology consulting industry. Even with the strong backing of its parent company, ICI is noted for having a few internal challenges. The company faced the challenge of managing growth, leveraging Infosys Technologies, interfacing with their parent company, brand recognition, and managing and adapting HR management to continuous growing scale.

Infosys is one of the trailblazers of strategic offshore outsourcing. While other software outsourcing companies were being crucified for moving jobs offshore for cheaper labor, Infosys was praised by Wired magazine for its unique offshore strategy in bringing jobs back to the US.

Summary of Facts The market for information technology IT service industry is enormous and is expanding rapidly. However market leaders like IBM and Accenture failed to capture the entire market share, thus leaving the door open for smaller competitors to enter the market to reap some of the harvest.

Companies from India launched operations in the industry and because of this new competition, IT multinational giants had to increase their base salaries in India.

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Because of increased opportunities more global IT service companies in India the attrition rates increased in this industry and thus caused companies like Wipro and Infosys to increase their base level salaries for mid-level workers.

To remain competitive, Indian companies started giving employees stock-based compensation. ICI had complete autonomy to create its own culture, organizational structure, and recruitment strategy. The leadership team set out the build this unique culture by adopting essential values from the parent company.

But this was not without issues. Taking people from other careers — with no consulting experience and making them fit in this culture was a big issue.

Therefore recruiting the right people first rate personnel for the culture was extremely important. This model can be thought of as a project management system by which each project is divided into components, and are executed independently and concurrently at client site or at remote development centers.

GDM provides a number of benefits and they are as listed below. GDM Benefits are as follows: Cuts cost by 30 percent.INFOSYS Since the dawn of the millennium, Infosys expanded at an incredible rate both in terms of size and scale (doubled its size every 20minutes).The management was unable to cope up with the expectations of the employees and the employees felt they were being left out of the employee favorable culture Infosys was always known for.

Essay on Organisation structure Products & Services 4 Market 6 Technology Sector 6 2.

Study of infosys organisation restructuring commerce essay

Structure of the Organization 6 Structural Dimension 6 Contextual Dimension 7 Mintzberg’s Organizational Framework 8 Functional Classification 8 3. Case Study: Infosys Infosys is a Global IT service company based in India. It was founded in by 7 mid class men with a capital of $ borrowed from their spouse.

In the company is employing 85,Software Professional and 6,support employees. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Hi! I am Shivani Goyal and I feel fortunate and humbled to have got rank 15 in CSE I live in Delhi with my family consisting of my parents and my brother.

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