The comprehensive business plan should be the result of global warming

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The comprehensive business plan should be the result of global warming

I first published on climate disruption in and, like my scientific colleagues, have grown increasingly concerned about it ever since. The success of the deniers has been appalling and, sadly, they have succeeded in delaying needed action for a decade or more. The prospects for our descendants are grim indeed.

There is never certainty in science, but the deniers have it exactly backward. The vast majority of knowledgeable scientists worry that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change conclusions are too conservative, and the consequences for humanity are likely to be more severe than projected.

It is one thing to claim that the average Earth temperature is rising. This is global warming.

Technical report on global warming | Essay Example

It is quite another to claim that the Earth temperature rise is caused by human behavior. This should be called anthropogenic global warming, and the two terms must not be used interchangeably. It is outrageous to insinuate that anyone who questions whether human behavior causes global warming has been paid to say so.

Your article smacks of predatory journalism. Michael and Christine Economides Houston, Texas Your article caricatures the argument about global warming as between good, intelligent scientists and evil, venal deniers in the employ of big corporations.

There is another group out here, people who were trained as scientists and feel very able to understand the arguments, who think that there are real scientific problems with the current theory, and who think that scientific analysis should continue until there is a provable theory in place.

the comprehensive business plan should be the result of global warming

Tom Jones Dallas, Texas I was delighted to see your cover story promising information about another side of the global-warming issue, but I was disappointed to see that you focused primarily on politics rather than science. You miss the key point.

The good news is that many of the efforts put forward to reduce human contributions to warming are positive from a cultural and general environmental perspective regardless of whether they will materially affect warming. But because global warming has taken on the religious fervor of the temperance movement, it risks imposing rules that may harm developing nations and, by knee-jerk ridicule of those with differing perspectives, it creates a climate that is inhospitable to discovering the truth.

Grace Novick Providence, R. There is another issue that bears out the quip that denial is not just a river in Egypt: According to the U.

So among the many steps essential to avoid the potential unprecedented catastrophe from global warming, a major shift toward plant-based diets is essential.

Schwartz Staten Island, N.The goal of the Global Green Freight Action Plan is to enhance the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement in ways that significantly reduce the climate, health, energy, and cost impacts of freight transport around the world.

Technical report on global warming Essay Sample I have just completed my technical report An assessment of the likely consequences of global warming on the climate of South Africa. (The extended summary of the report is now available.

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The hard questions about global warming are not about whether the actions of mankind can alter the environment (of course they can), they are about what, if anything, our society should do about.

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