Writing a setting description ks10

General product information 3. Installation and commissioning 4. Safety information Safe operation of these products can only be guaranteed if they are properly installed, commissioned, used and maintained by qualified personnel see Section 1.

Writing a setting description ks10

Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible. Please use this service manual with referring to the operating instructions without fail.

For purposes of improvement, specifications and design are subject to change without notice. Spots requiring particular attention when servicing, such as the cabinet, parts, chassis,etc.

writing a setting description ks10

Caution concerning electric shock! Take care to avoid electric shock, by for example using an isolating transformer and gloves when servicing while the set is energized, unplugging the power cord when replacing parts, etc.

Handle with extra care when the set is energized. Caution concerning disassembly and assembly! Through great care is taken when manufacturing parts from sheet metal, there may in some rare cases be burrs on the edges of parts which could cause injury if fingers are moved across them.

Use gloves to protect your hands. Only use designated parts! The set's parts have specific safety properties fire resistance, voltage resistance, etc. For replacement parts, be sure to use parts which have the same poroperties. In particular, for the important safety parts that are marked z on wiring diagrams and parts lists, be sure to use the designated parts.

Be sure to mount parts and arrange the wires as they were originally! For safety seasons, some parts use tape, tubes or other insulating materials, and some parts are mounted away from the surface of printed circuit boards.

Care is also taken with the positions of the wores omsode amd clamps are used to keep wires away from heating and high voltage parts, so be sure to set everything back as it was originally. Inspect for safety after servicing! Check that all screws, parts and wires removed or disconnected for servicing have been put back in their original positions, inspect that no parts around the area that has been serviced have been negatively affected, conduct an inslation check on the external metal connectors and between the blades of the power plug, and otherwise check that safety is ensured.

Insulation check procedure Unplug the power cord from the power outlet, disconnect the antenna, plugs, etc. Using a V insulation resistance tester, check that the inplug and the externally exposed metal parts antenna terminal, headphones terminal, input terminal, etc.

If it is less, the set must be inspected and repaired. Many of the electric and structural parts used in the set have special safety properties. In most cases these properties are difficult to distinguish by sight, and using replacement parts with higher ratings rated power and withstand voltage does not necessarily guarantee that safety performance will be poreserved.

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Parts with safety properties are indicated as shown below on the wiring diagrams and parts lists is this service manual. Be sure to replace them with parts with the designated part number.

writing a setting description ks10

Indicated by the z mark. Using parts other than the designated parts could result in electric shock, fires or other dangerous situations.

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